Business Development

It is vital to listen and understand the needs of your customer, and Cox Rail Consulting (CRC) aims to do just that. For railfreight customers, CRC can offer a range of services to implement new rail freight flows, improve productivity and liaise between hauliers to provide the best end solution for customer needs.

Within CRC, we have an understanding of costs for both leasing equipment and haulage rates, along with experience of railfreight operations which can be tailored to provide the customer with bespoke solutions.

CRC will also seek to find new or improved ways of transporting your goods by rail, and we can also offer a complete package of door-to-door deliveries by working closely with end users to and from ports or rail terminals.

Contract Management

At CRC we can provide you with expertise to manage customer or supplier contracts by acting on your behalf.

Whether it be a contract provision for maintenance of passenger or freight rolling stock, to supply of parts, or liaison with end users and customers; CRC can provide you with dedicated support to manage contracts to best suit your requirements.

As well as Contract Management, CRC can look for improvements within existing contracts to improve performance, drive up productivity and save costs for your organisation.

Resource Optimisation

Resources are the key for any train operator, from drivers to train managers, from locomotives to rolling stock, station staff to terminal operators.

CRC can provide an independent unbiased review of your resources and look for efficiencies within your pool of resources to help improve productivity.

CRC will be sensitive to any potential resource improvements and will make recommendations based on its findings for resource optimisation to help customers develop the best use of its assets.

Resource Optimisation can range from traincrew diagramming / rostering, Locomotive allocation, wagon utilisation, passenger train diagramming , station staff deployment, freight terminal staff and operators to on-board catering staff and provision of maintenance services.

Project Management

CRC can offer to oversee and manage projects that bring change or improvements to your business.

Are you looking to change your supplier (Railfreight haulier or Maintenance Contractor for example)? CRC can work with you to project manage any potential change and act as liaison between the suppliers in order to get the best solution for each customer and individual project.

CRC can also offer expertise in the introduction of new rolling stock (passenger and freight) and ensure compliance with the necessary regulatory bodies.

Engineering / Maintenance

Maintenance of rolling stock can be a costly and time-consuming but necessary event. At CRC we can look to improve how you undertake maintenance, where and when it takes place and make recommendations that will improve overall performance, availability and productivity.

Increasing the productivity and turn-around times of passenger and railfreight rolling stock will provide the customer with a much improved and maximised asset.

Maintenance of railway rolling stock needs to be better pre-planned rather than reactionary, and through the experience of CRC, we can devise plans that will be based on preventative maintenance to ensure each asset is maximised to its full potential.

CRC can also offer independent professional engineering expertise for passenger and freight customers, as well as expert advice on Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) its processes and procedures along with Safety Performance Monitoring (SPM).

Train Planning / Diagramming

Train Planning and Diagramming is a specialised skill within the rail industry, and CRC has the experience and knowledge to provide such services to its customers.

Whether it be for a short-term project to a long term plan, CRC can provide expertise to both passenger and freight operators working within the requirements of your business needs.

CRC can also provide your business with support in rolling stock allocation, diagramming and planning of routine mandatory maintenance requirements.

High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail (HS2 and HS3) will see some of the largest infrastructure changes to the UK rail network since the Victorian era.

CRC can provide expert advice to HS2, ranging from:

  • Pooling of resources for the construction phases
    • (locomotive and wagon requirements)
  • Liaison between freight operators and construction companies
    • (planning and coordination of materials to and from site)
  • Independent consultation for the development of the Crewe hub and new site
  • Planning of train paths for high speed passenger services
  • Resource requirements for new high speed passenger trains